October 21, 2017

Yogi Heart & Soul

Join us @SPACE yoga studio October 21 8:30 am – 3:30 pm for an original Yogi Heart & Soul workshop.

Get the 411 on living a conscious life! Topics covered are cleansing, asana for grounding, RPM^3, and Ayurveda for fall!  $99

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September 9-10, 2017

Join me in Raleigh, NC for YogaFit for Balancing Moods.  A growing body of research suggests that yoga may be an effective therapeutic tool for the prevention and treatment of anxiety, depression, and other mental health and mood disorders. This two­-day intensive explores modern­-day applications of ancient yoga practices and the latest techniques for self­-healing to balance the nervous system and focus the mind.

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July 22-23, 2017

Join the Yogi Heart & Soul Hello Me Tribe!  We will be back in Augusta, GA for a weekend of Accessing your INNERgy and Lighting your Internal Fire.  Dive into chakras, meditation, digestive fire, and prescriptive yoga for your mood.

YA CEUs available for Registered Yoga Teachers

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July 15-16, 2017

YogaFit Level 1 comes to Bartlett, TN (metro Memphis area).  The first step on the path toward becoming a yoga teacher or simply deepening your practice, Level One provides the tools to create inspiring vinyasa yoga classes grounded in proper alignment and the safety of exercise science.

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June 24 & 25, 2017

Join me in Nashville at Lipscomb University for 2 different 1-day trainings in one weekend.  On Saturday, learn about pre- and post-natal yoga students. Designed exclusively for YogaFit by a board‐certified OB/GYN, this one‐day workshop explores the physical and emotional changes women face during pregnancy and offers classic yoga poses, linked together in a gentle flow, that are appropriate for pregnancy and the postnatal experience.  For more info, check out this link:

On Sunday, YogaFit for Seniors offers ways to modify YogaFit classes to make them accessible to individuals over the age of 55, regardless of their fitness levels.  This is one of my favorite trainings for one of my favorite populations!  For more information, check out this link:


June 1-4, 2017

Join me in Minneapolis for the YogaFit Mind Body Fitness Conference!  There are tons of trainings to choose from.  I will be leading Pranayama, Meditation & Mindfulness, and Sound & Mantra.  If you have never been to a YogaFit conference, it is time to try it out!  You will love it.

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January 27-29, 2016

Join me in Augusta, GA for the kick off of the Yogi Heart & Soul weekends! We have 4 modules scheduled throughout 2017 to help you become the next best version of yourself.

We will be combining yoga, Ayurveda, book discussion, personal development, and community.  Learn to love your body and your life more.  Feel better every day and find more happiness in your life.

Join us Friday evening through Sunday afternoon and leave with simple, doable steps to increase your quality of life.  Change yourself and live the life you have dreamed of!

Yoga Alliance CEUs available for yoga instructors


January 5-8, 2017

Join me in Palm Springs, CA for two trainings that integrate yoga and increased health and happiness: Yoga and Positive Psychology & Sound and Mantra Healing

Increase happiness levels for your clients, your students, and yourself, by integrating evidence­-based interventions into your classes, your therapy sessions, and your life. This two­-day intensive focuses on the core concepts of Positive Psychology and how these concepts complement and parallel the foundational concepts of yoga.

Sound and vibrational healing, as described in the yogic texts of old, has been practiced in the East for millennia. Come explore the ancient practice of sound healing in this two­ day workshop, learn the therapeutic healing power of sound and vibration, and discover why music, chanting, and toning continue to have a profound effect on our physical and emotional well being.


Aug 26-29, 2016

Join me in Raleigh, NC for Pranayama and YogaFit for Warriors.

Our breath is powerful. It marks our lifespan and it is such an important part of our physiology, that as humans, we don’t have to think to breathe. When we take the time to apply greater understanding to our breath and how to most fully utilize the power of our breath, it can have significant impacts on our health and well-being. Changing our breath can literally change our minds as well as our bodies.  Pranayama is a 1-day workshop addressing the use of the breath.

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YogaFit for Warriors will focus on using specific postures, breath and Kundalini- based meditations designed to release stored trauma in the body. Additionally, we will come to understand what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) are and the long-term effects they can have on mind, body and spirit.

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July 23-24, 2016

Join me locally in Hernando, MS for YogaFit Level 2:  Communication & Breathing Techniques. Students will develop their transformational language skills through the use of positive affirmations, and discover how to address all types of learners effectively – all while building a practice of self-awareness and self-acceptance.

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July 7-10, 2016

Join me for the YogaFit Mind Body Fitness Conference in Scottsdale, AZ!  I will be leading Warrior Kids and Yoga for Addiction and Recovery.

Warrior Kids is a trauma-sensitive yoga workshop focusing on the unique nervous system and brain response in a child to traumatic events. We will address the somatic healing gaps in current therapies available for children today and understand why treating childhood trauma can be so challenging.

Addiction and Recovery will help Yoga Teachers gain a deeper understanding of Addiction and Compulsive Behavior in its many forms. We will look at Addiction and Compulsive Behaviors through the lens of samskaras or deeply-ingrained pathways in the mind-body-spirit relationship that keeps these deeply held/ingrained patterns of behaviors in a seemingly endless/unbreakable cycle. Recovery will be addressed by focusing on the individual’s personal sense of power and ability to create new, healthier, samskaras.

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May 19-22, 2016

Join me at the beautiful Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, CA for a yoga get away!  I will be leading Healing Emotional and Physical Trauma which is a two-day training exploring emotional and physical trauma from a yogic perspective and YogaFit for Balancing Mood where we will explore how yoga philosophy, postures, breathing techniques, and meditation practice can enhance mood and overall state of well-being.

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March 12-13, 2016

Join me in Raleigh, NC for YogaFit for Addiction and Recovery.  This is a 2-day Yoga Teacher Training to help Yoga Teachers gain a deeper understanding of Addiction and Compulsive Behavior in its many forms and recovery will be addressed by focusing on the individual’s personal sense of power.

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February 18-21, 2016

Join me February 18-21 at the YogaFit Mind Body Fitness Conference in Arlington, VA.

I will be leading 2 separate 2-day trainings: Positive Psychology and Sound and Mantra Therapy.

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